Saturday, February 22, 2014

Logical Disconnect of Liberalism, Number #17

'What's a logical disconnect of liberalism?' you ask?  Well, if you have to ask, you may be at the wrong blog, but let me help you anyway.

It's maintaining that "choice" is a sacred value of womanhood in terms of whether a woman can terminate a pregnancy, but abandoning "choice" as an intrinsic good when it comes to where that woman can send her child to school.

It's maintaining that capitalists will do anything for profit, except for hiring minorities - they will gladly impair their chances at making money in order to deprive brown people of employment.

It's maintaining that sin taxes discourage bad behavior but that income and other taxes don't discourage economic activity.

It's maintaining that women are every bit as equal and capable as men in all things, except that we need to abolish the requirement for doing pull-ups so that women can be Marines.

OK, you get the point.  Well, just for shits and giggles, we have another one to add to the list, and it happens to be topical.  From Instapundit in bold:
Connecticut’s Outbreak of Civil Disobedience.
“This successful example of mass defiance horrifies the editorial board of the Hartford Courant, which shudders at the sight of the masses not obeying an order that, history, tells us, never had a shot at wide compliance. But compliance with gun registration would have been a historical aberration. Gun restrictions of all sorts breed defiance everywhere they’re introduced.” I love the people who say you could never deport all the illegals, but who think you could lock up all the gun owners.


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