Friday, February 28, 2014

It's 1968. Or 1935. Take Your Pick.

I am agog.

I am aghast.

We are witnessing history unfold in disastrous form yet again, not fifty years removed from the lessons of past.  It's 1968 and the tanks are rolling into Prague.  OK, 2014 and Ukraine - same difference.  The US is dithering and dissembling.  Authoritarianism is on the march and democracy and liberty are cowering in the corner.  We are all but missing "peace in our time."

This never ends well.

The decision to elect a community organizer to the highest office of the land in the unipolar power country is not paying dividends.  OK, enough with the ironical.  It's coming back to haunt us and the world in frightening fashion.

Again, all predicted.  By myself and the likes of that idiot Sarah Palin and that out-of-touch rich guy Mitt Romney.  And about ten thousand others.  That's how obvious it was.  Yet we elected him anyway.

Shame on us.  Deep shame.

God help us as these things end up with decades of advancing tyranny or massive conflagration of war, sometimes both.

What makes it worse is we have this supreme dickhead in the oval office.  The unbelievably arrogant dickhead making cracks about the 80s calling wanting their foreign policy back.  Well, fuckface, the the 1930s are calling and they want their appeasement, weakness and fecklessness trophy back.  Neville Chamberlain wants his Weenie of the Century award back.  The French want their Maginot Line Greatest Farce Ever Back.

These "progressives" will plunge us into war again, these stupid, stupid motherfucking lefties with their  inability to see or identify evil and their goddam lust for the lack of power.

God help us all.


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