Sunday, March 02, 2014

Um, Don't Trust 'Em Guys

At The Other McCain...
On Wednesday evening at McGill University in Montreal, a group of students and community activists assembled to discuss when “yes” doesn’t actually mean yes. The Forum on Consent, which was also open to the public, featured several panel participants who spoke to the question of what we understand as “consent.” The theme was similar to a campaign launched by a Nova Scotia coalition earlier this month — the More Than Yes campaign — which contended that “sexual consent is more than just a yes.” According to that campaign, and echoed by the forum participants at McGill on Wednesday, real consent “must be loud and clear. Sex without enthusiastic consent is not sex at all. It’s sexual assault or rape.” . . .
I doubt the feminists are drawing up sustainable rules here.  I had a buddy in college (this is the late eighties, mind you) who thought he had consent ("I want you to f**k me.  F**k me hard!") but wound up in a sexual harassment morass anyway.

I think they just want to ruin lives and make things untenable for men.  Consent to a feminist is her mood before and after the fact, and no statute of limitations.


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