Sunday, March 02, 2014

Obama Voter: Hey, This Obama Guy Is Pretty Bad At This Stuff, No?

That except in the below post is from Walter Russell Mead.  Here's more, with commentary from yours truly.

The big question of course, is what President Obama will take away from this experience. Has he lost confidence in the self-described (and self-deceived) ‘realists’ who led him down the primrose path with their empty happy talk and their beguiling but treacherous illusions? Has he rethought his conviction that geopolitics and strategy are relics of a barbarous past with no further relevance in our own happy day? Is he tired of being humiliated on the international stage? Is it dawning on him that he has actual enemies rather than difficult partners out there, and that they wish him ill and seek to harm him? (Again, we are not talking about the GOP in Congress.) 
Let’s hope so. There are almost three years left in this presidential term, and they could be very long ones if President Obama chooses to stick with the ideas and approaches he’s been using so far.
1) Realists?  Obama isn't under the sway of "realists".  Realists dispel happy talk.  Realists know that sometimes force and/or the threat of it is the best tool.  Obama is a committed "liberal internationalist" and is actively looking to devolve US power.  As such, Obama relies on the type of happy talk that constituted the analysis that led them to believe that Putin would sit on his hands.

2) He will NEVER rethink anything he knows.

3) I doubt he thinks he's being humiliated.  The media isn't saying that he's being humiliated.  Ergo, he's not being humiliated.  That is the way it works in America today - Obama believes what he wants to believe, the MSM repeats it, and thus it is so.  All else is idiocy - see Palin, Sarah and Romney, Mitt.

4) No.  The enemies are still Congressional Republicans, American who don't approve of him, and any and all critics.

Three very dangerous years left.  No shit Sherlock.  Ominous warnings are a little hard to take from Obama voters at this juncture.


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