Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Snowflake Generation Has Their Apotheosis

Eighteen year old Rachel from New Jersey doesn't want to live at home anymore but doesn't want to have to pay her own way in this world.
A New Jersey teenager is suing her parents, claiming she was kicked out of her home and thus entitled to money for private-school tuition, transportation, room and board.
I watched a little bit of the hearing.  Such a silly case, not surprisingly, occasions some bad lawyering.  The issue putatively is one of "constructive abandonment." Pshaw.

Little Rachel needs a lesson in life.  Once she turned 18, she's on her own.  Her parents might be totally in the wrong (clearly there is culpability on both sides here), but it's too bad so sad.  She's an adult, nobody owes her anything.  After 18, everything she gets is by the good graces of somebody else or what she provides for herself.

Rachel, get a job, pay rent, save up your pennies if you want to go to college.  Otherwise, move back in with your parents and follow their rules.  Capeesh you little twit?

UPDATE:  The judge hedged due to the preliminary nature of the hearing, but denied all requests for emergency relief (tuition, living expenses).  He engaged in some baby-splitting type family counseling (i.e. it's hard to be a teenager, but it is also hard to be a parent, and we should try to see the other side) but strongly hinted that Rachel is not going to win her claim that she is owed support from her parents.

UPPDATE:  And now sweet, young Rachel is telling the world that her dad is a perv.  Charming.  (But, her friend's dad funding her legal campaign is not "inappropriate?")  I say, let young Rachel try to make her way in the world and learn something before letting her back into what appears to be a normal dysfunctional American home.


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