Friday, March 07, 2014

These Are the End Times

So dumb.  Only a sclerotic (oh no, hard word!) and cocooned educational bureaucracy could come up with such a plan.  As if we didn't have enough soulless corporate jargon devoid of meaning spoken in the world today.
The organization that administers the SAT college entrance exam is adopting some big changes including a new scoring system, an optional essay and getting rid of hard vocabulary.
The College Board, which runs the widely used academic skills test, is changing the scoring system from a 2,400 point max back to the 1,600 points that it once used.
The SAT will continue to test reading, writing and math skills, but the essay portion will be optional. And difficult vocabulary will be replaced with words that students are more likely to use in college or in the workplace.
Great, let's chunk words like perspicacious, tantamount, polyglot, denouement for "cross-functional," "leverageable, " and "optimize." 

I have a great plan for America's future...let's have people who can't express themselves in their own language and a military stacked with fighters who can't do pull-ups!!  Brilliant!


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