Thursday, March 08, 2012

Coulter Nails It...Libs Want an Anti-Romney, Not Us

I haven't read or otherwise tuned-in to Ann Coulter in years, but this caught my eye, and she's exactly right. I've said it here, I am about as much of a "Don't Tread On Me" Tea-Partyin' kinda guy as you'll find, I am married to the reddest red stater from the reddest red state, and Romney is fine by us. Just Fine. It is liberals that want to tell Republicans and anyone who'll listen that they are looking for an anti-Romney. Maybe it is because Romney is more typical of the type of person we have historically elected to the White House than anyone since Bush I, current occupant very much included. Romney is what we've always done, Obama was a gamble, a wing-ding, a flier...which is why it is liberals who want an anti-Romney.


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