Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Lack of Sympathy for People Who Gave the Petty Tyrants Their Mandate

Check out this terrible story of government health bureaucrats run amok.

Know what? I have NO sympathy.

At the risk of judging a book by its cover, I bet these folks are hardly libertarian types or have minimal experience pulling the lever for conservative (as in freedom maximizing) politicians. Looks like a lefty bunch to me. And such they are getting exactly what they have voted for - a hyper-active, intrusive state, impervious to reason, sense, and compassion with no trust or faith in average citizens (quite the opposite - contempt for average citizens and their freedoms). You want government to do more? Great. This is what you get. You're a "progressive" voter? Great. Meet your friendly neighborhood self-righteous, dogmatic all-powerful bureaucrat!

UPDATE: Wow, the hits just keep on coming...Arlington, VA is famously liberal and yet we have business owners moaning about intrusive and overbearing local government! YOU VOTED FOR THIS YOU BOZO. WHEN YOU VOTE FOR "LIBERAL" GOVERNMENT, YOU WILL GET INTRUSIVE OVERBEARING GOVERNMENT!!! ARGH!!!!


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