Monday, February 27, 2012

Gas Prices DO Hurt

I think Mark Perry is great and I get his point here, macro-wise, but micro-wise, gas prices hurt.

An Instapundit reader notes this. Fine. I've been all over the data here at NBfPB and I do field research...I drove from Yonkers, NY to Snowshoe, WV and back this past week so I can tell you the prevailing gas prices in six states! $3.90 is pretty good, the best I found was $3.75 for 87 octane at a high volume rest stop in NJ. Plus, my little vacation reminded me that most people actually drive to work, and if you are living on the edge of economic stability and survival, which many of the people of, say, West Virginia where I was, are, the difference between $3 gas and $4+ gas is huge - you have to work meaningfully longer just to make driving to and from work a winning proposition! Horrible.

The Democrats generally, and the Obamacrats in particular, are the phoniest MFers in the world; they putatively stand for the little guy when their green energy religious faith-based policies are kicking the little guy in the teeth, while enriching their elitist, fat-cat-albeit-Democrat friends.

UPDATE: Ouch. Diesel went nearly 10 cents against us this past week and regular mogas went .13 cents the wrong way...did I say "Ouch"? And it was worse in the midwest. Good thing the midwest has no swing states or anything...

UPPDATE: Whoops.


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