Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will the Military Stand for a Nuke Rollback?

OK, time to push the envelope a bit. The simply Twilight Zonish news is coming fast and furious in regards to our radical nut job, Manchurian President. He wants to cut our nukes pretty drastically. Now, don't get me wrong...I understand that this could be just a political sop to the left. I am politically savvy and don't occupy the fever swamps of the right (most of the time), so I don't take this as a given, but...we did bug the hell out of Iraq when we didn't need to because, hell, Obama wanted to. We are damning the torpedoes and telling the Catholic Church to go to hell and buy everybody birth control. We are looking into a fiscal abyss and saying "Ah, f**k it, another $1.3 trillion deficit sounds like just the ticket." See what I'm saying? This President is in major "F**k It" and "F**k You" mode. Big time. So let's grant that this may not be a sop. So that's our starting point.

Now let's go back and review a piece I did way back when here. There is some background to get acquainted with but what I posit, as a thought exercise, is the possibility that the military "overrules" Obama on some egregious decision that he makes. My hypothetical example is Obama choosing not to help Israel should it be attacked. Yes, it is outlandish but the seeds of believing this is possible are there. Since that time we've gotten the announcement of Obama's steep defense budget cuts, which the military is none too happy about because Obama is continuing to lavish profligate spending on domestic butter while cutting back on guns. So, now, what if Obama really were serious about defanging America's last ditch military capability, its doomsday deterrent? Would the military happily just scrap 80% of our nukes? Would they sheepishly say, "Well, Okaaay.." Or would they say, "This Motherf&&ker is going to leave us wide open..." Would a massive rollback of our nuke capability be a bridge too far for the leadership of our armed forces? I doubt it, but I doubt the answer is "No, not a chance, not even close" either, which means dangerous ground.

So what's the upshot? Danger on all fronts - financial, security, and liberty - and Obama is still leading in the polls. We are on the cusp of voting ourselves smack into old school tyranny.
This guy is going to bankrupt us, trample on our foundational religious freedoms by dictating to the Church, and hollow out our military capability and we're gonna beg for it because Mitt Romney isn't some Reaganite Wet Dream of a candidate? Are we fucking crazy?


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