Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mind-bogglingly Smart President Fuels Theme That His Defenders Work Overtime to Refute

I think there is a credible case to be made that Obama is a socialist as a matter of pure political idealogy. That is not to say that he is/was/will govern as a socialist in practical reality, just that theoretically, if given the ability to govern as he sees fit without restraints, we would see doctrinaire socialist policies from him (as opposed to the quasi-socialist policies we currently see from him). Yet the left goes into apoplexy when you posit this. They rush out fevered dismissals and typically arrogant "listen to the rubes again with their crazy theories" defenses of the Lightworker. Why? Because being a socialist is still - broadly speaking - a damaging political label to wear in America. So let me ask you this. If your opponents are attempting to make a damaging politcal label stick on you, and your advocates devoutly claim it isn't true and go to great lengths to portray the attacks as emanating from the fever swamps, why would you, even jokingly, fuel the fire with references to affection and/or interest in one of the world most visible and controversial socialists? This is as if Bush would make off hand remarks that oil extraction from Iraq isn't going as fast as would have envisioned post invasion. Pure, distilled stupidity.

Again, still waiting for the evidence...and waiting...


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