Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buffett In "No-bama" Dis? NBFPB Readers Know the Answer.

The WSJ finds it very interesting that Warren Buffett's open "thank you" letter to Uncle Sam did not mention President Obama. Readers of NBfPB (all 25 of you) will not find it that shocking. I have chronicled Buffett's subtle public disapprovals Obama's economic policy here, here, and here and extrapolated that Buffett feels his credibility has been abusively co-opted by Obama for the purposes of getting elected. This view is supported by the fact that the exact same thing appears to have happened to Paul Volcker, who seems, like Buffett, none too pleased and unafraid to lay out the clues for us. (A less charitable analysis is that Warren Buffett has terrible political instincts - and is understandably reluctant to admit it - a view supported by the fact that Charlie Munger all but comes out and says that from time to time.)


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