Thursday, November 11, 2010

Democrats' Insanity Writes Itself; Henninger Writes It Artfully

Dan Henninger's Thursday column today is a shining piece of clarity and insight as to why the Democrats find themselves in the situation they are in, and relatedly why we find ourselves in the situation we are in. Readers may not find it very original - I'm not too humble to say that you could've cobbled together this Henninger column with bits and pieces of numerous NBfPB posts throughout recent years - but reading what we all know to be true is still worthwhile when crafted by the pen of a Pulitzer-winning columnist.

I've dubbed the progressive Democrats that have lead us these past few years without a care or thought about the private sector the "Pelosicrats" and while you all know what I mean, this is rather an inelegant formulation as it relies on the personal. Henninger tags these progressives with their own sheer stupidity and disconnectedness and labels them, artfully, the "1099 Democrats" after that stunningly clueless, irresponsible and destructive provision of the ObamaCare bill. (Exhibit B for Henninger, is something you've read about here too, the drilling moratorium.) I've stated that, at the onset of the financial panic induced recession, American business needed a hand up but what it got was a boot on the throat. Henninger says that these 1099 Dems have been lobbing Molotov Cocktails at business. Though the point is the same, I like his imagery. I've told you that in reaction to Obama and the Pelosicrats war on business, businesses have been a) moving work and money overseas, b) using their cash to buy back shares, also known as shrinking, c) hiring only temp workers where there is room to hire in the US, and d) generally cowering in fear and hoping for the day that these jokers are gone from the halls of power. Henninger cuts to the quick - those "rich" put the great American job-creating machine in idle, give money to Karl Rove, and take the Progressive Destructors head on. That's what the class warfare gambit gets you, people who actually fight back and untold hours and dollars sucked up into a political fight rather than toward productive ends that just might get us out of this mess.


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