Monday, November 08, 2010

Let's Spread That Game Ball Wealth...

Boy-o-boy, I am really at a loss. How do you give out a game ball when your team plays a complete game, when everything is firing on all cylinders? Decisions, decisions. The defense played great, but Seattle is no offensive powerhouse and yet again Perry Fewell's hurt squad faced a down roster QB (although they didn't knock the starter out this time). (BTW, Perry Fewell is emerging as a rising star among coordinators in the NFL. We had a top defensive unit under Steve Spagnuolo, a laughable one just year later under Bill Sheridan, and we're back in top form under Fewell. Um, think coaching might matter?) Anyway, the G-men put up 41 points so the offense ought to get the game ball, right? The combination of Manning to Nicks is simply wreaking havoc on opposing defenses this season and yesterday was no exception, but both players have had their spot next to the Trenton Thunder already this season. I even recognized the O-line within recent weeks. I gotta look to spread the wealth around a bit, we are, after all, still in the age of Obama. So, well deserved #10 and #88 (and the O-line that makes it all happen), but at some point, haven't you earned enough game balls? Thus we are going a little off the reservation with this pick, but it is not undeserved at all...quite the contrary. Given we've racked up two 40+ point games in a row we ought to recognize the coaches, so without further ado...Kevin Gilbride, offensive coordinator, enjoy your spot next to the Guv.


Blogger Richard said...

It would be easier for the rest of us to share your "Big Blue" excitement if their Seattle football club opponents yesterday had managed some credible opposition. Even this ( would have been an improvement!

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