Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stupidest Lefty Post-Election Navel Gazing of the Day

It's a tie.

Tied for first - Obama saved capitalism, but lost anyway. I am a crypto-capitalist. I all but have a shrine to Milton Friedman in my basement. And I can say, authoritatively, Obama did not save capitalism. In fact he has pressed his foot hard down on the windpipe of capitalism since the day he took office.

Tied With - Democrats talked over our heads, so we didn't get it. This is dumb on the face of it, but even dumber in that this is a persistent delusion of liberals that has existed since the beginning of time and that any reasonable, reflective adult ought to have jettisoned long ago. Anyway, I could go on about the coarse "punish your enemies" rhetoric or the facile "driving the car" analogies or the tired racialist appeals, but let me leave it to Don Boudreaux for the, of course, more elegant take down.

UPDATE: A loyal reader makes a great point...Obama's economic team (although still trying to talk over our heads - or hide their message - with nice-sounding, academically-tinged language) basically told us, "We don't know a damned thing that would help." That's talking over our heads? Obama's top economist saying "I don't know."??? Yes, quite a penetrating, hard-to-unravel message that.

UPPDATE: Wait folks, we may have a last minute entry that could contend for the top spot. The front page, 300 point red font headline over at the Puffington Host posits that five, count 'em...five, Dems that stood for re-election having voted not to extend unemployment benefits past the already unprecedented 99 weeks, lost because of that stance. Really? Well, we all know, from constant say-so by the leftosphere and the MSM, that people who vote Republican are too stupid to get down into the policy weeds - down below healthcare, the economy, the deficits, the black guy in the White House - to focus in on something like unemployment benefits. Thus it must've been Democrats that honed in on this particular issue. So, are we to believe that in their anguish over limiting the government cheese to only 99 weeks, typical Democratic voters were driven into the arms of Republicans? That's a stretch in my book. Maybe this is a better analysis. Or maybe not, who knows really but we need to blame somebody...I know, let's blame it on the gays!


Blogger Richard said...

Don Boudreaux has it exactly right - of course. But the idea that Democrats "talked over our heads" is laughable on its face. As you've already noted, Romer, Summers, and of course Jared Bernstein, didn't have the faintest idea what they were talking about, and between them know less about real world wealth creation than you and I know about quantum mechanics.

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