Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jet Blue Bombs the Jerry Dome

A Giants win is a good thing. A Giants win over the Dallas Cowboys is a very good thing. And a Giants win over Jerry Jones's Dallas Cowboys is just tops. The NBfPB game ball - a slot next to the Trenton Thunder - could go to a variety of folks. Michael Boley is surely a candidate for knocking Tony Homo out of the game, but ultimately I have to give it, despite the many pics, to the cool hand that refocused after the tough start and racked up 41 and even had Gruden dubbing the Jints air attack Jet Blue! Number 10, enjoy your spot next to the Gov!


Blogger THEMICK7 said...

Good choice, although I think you could have given it to NICKS.


6:04 PM  
Blogger Donny Baseball said...

I gave it to Nicks on 9/13. He's in the running every week though it seems, but I gotta spread it around a bit!

9:38 AM  

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