Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Unrestrained by the Facts"

The Obama administration's terrible decision to impose a drilling moratorium in the wake of the BP/Deepwater Horizon is and will continue to be felt in the price of oil and the local economy in the Gulf region. Let's put the economics aside though for a second. As suits wind their way through the courts it is looking more and more like the administration resorted to some pretty serious extra-legal maneuvering to impose the moratorium as well as its new safety regulations. It appears that they took the approach that can best be described as "shut down drilling and keep it shut, legalities be damned." Given what we know about the radical greens sitting at Obama's right hand, this episode adds to the disturbing pattern that this administration has displayed of steamrolling the law in pursuing its goals. Actually, they've been doing it since they came into office, they didn't need the BP/Deepwater Horizon incident to provide an excuse to stop oil exploration.


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