Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Anti-Blumenthal for AG in Connecticut

Last night I attended a meeting where several candidates running for office got to get up and give a brief background on themselves and their respective races. All were impressive and almost all were remarkable in that they were ordinary citizens who got fed up and called themselves to action because the country is headed at full speed toward destruction and the capabilities of the establishment (i.e. the Republican Party) to stop the madness and right things is clearly deficient. They saw the need for private citizens to start taking over for the career politicians. All were impressive, but there was one candidate that was far and away the most impressive. I am a political junkie and I haven't seen a sharper more inspiring candidate in a long while. However this person won't be going to Washington DC if she wins her race, she'll be attempting to revive Connecticut's business climate after 20 years of decimation at the hands of Richard Blumenthal, as the Nutmeg state's new Attorney General. She's Martha Dean and Connecticut could sorely use her. I hope, for their sake, that Connecticutters have the good sense to elect this impressive woman to be their top law enforcement official and close the era of job crushing shakedown artistry that has prevailed in Hartford.


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