Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pinera Schools Obama In Leadership

Like many millions across the globe, I've been riveted to the miraculous rescue of the Chilean 33, and although there are many noble themes - the greatest being the persistence of the human spirit, call it faith - and lessons to be learned from this event, I can't resist focusing on, perhaps, a baser theme. And it is this: Barack Obama just got schooled in how do to Presidential leadership and crisis management correctly by Sebastien Pinera. Pinera established the priorities and goals, was fully engaged, and - this is the most starkly divergent from Obama - sought the right resources and help from anywhere in the world he could get it. I bet you Obama not once talked to any oil company executive except to read them the riot act, and here is Pinera tracking down the most advanced drilling technology and expertise to get it involved asap. With its strong example of leadership, little Chile, for 70 days, has towered over the mighty United States of America and its embarrassing paucity of leadership.

You want the UPLIFT (and you should rather than my decidedly, and admittedly, base take)? Go here. Go.


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