Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"Come and GET my 1099s!"

Bob Zubrin highlights an enormous disaster lurking underneath the surface - the 1099 requirement embedded deep within ObamaCare. This is one of the Sausage Factory's stupider dictats - it literally would bury American business under mountains of paperwork, sucking billions of dollars of productivity out of the economy. Zubrin wants us to resist this tyranny. I agree. But how? Simple. Don't do it. Say "Pound sand, Congress." Don't file the bloody forms. We constantly hear that we can't be worried about people breaking our laws because it just isn't practical and/or sensible to deport 11 million illegal aliens. So let's make it neither practical nor sensible for our federal government to come and arrest millions of business owners, small and large. They can't arrest us all. This is one form of civil disobedience that is easy and relatively risk free, as far as breaking laws go. So there you have it businessfolk...Just Say No to 1099.

UPDATE: Remember, as John Dingell has kindly revealed, ObamaCare is about "controlling the people", so don't be controlled!!


Blogger Richard said...

I already decided not to file the damn 1099s. Its telling that those of us in the business community know more about the details of this monstrosity than the congress critters who voted for it without bothering to read the bill.

As for "Just Say No" I'm convinced that one of the reasons big government liberals were so derisive of Mrs. Reagan's anti-drug message is the independence and personal responsibility that simple phrase represents.

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