Thursday, September 30, 2010

If Phil Hare Loses, My Faith In America Is Restored

There are many, many comeuppances that I want to see come up this election cycle. There are almost too many to list...Harry Reid, Charlie Crist, Alan Grayson, Babs Boxer to name but a few (in addition to already enjoying Arlen Spector's come up pants). But perhaps, just perhaps, the number one electoral comeuppance that I would like to see fits this storyline: an arrogant, fossilized machine Democrat mediocrity from the safest of safe districts gets trounced, at the hands of a complete nobody, when his complete and utter disdain for our Constitution - the underpinning of our nation's moral justification and its system of laws - is exposed for all to see in its raw, naked hideousness. This is not some idealized fantasy that I cooked up. This could be the story of Phil Hare. A Phil Hare loss, barring everything else that may happen on Election Day, would warm my heart with a deep, satisfying glow of affection for my fellow citizens.

UPDATE: As an analog to this, my faith would be similarly edified by the victory, regardless of what happens generally, as Chubachi states quite persuasively, of this man.


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