Friday, October 08, 2010

And the Nobel Prize in Economics Goes to...James Madison

This is amazing. Beyond the direct object lesson here, this teaches us that a) our problems are the same as they've always been, thus our solutions ought to be the same as they've always been, and b) we continue to not learn what history has repeatedly taught us. This is the historical time equivalent of "not invented here syndrome", I call it "not invented in this era" syndrome. Why do we continually reject what our forebears have taught us as if it is some dishonor to copycat them, as if we must solve our problems with only newly inspired solutions (which, of course, are themselves only recycled versions of our forebears' failed solutions)? What a tragic aspect of human nature (or is it an indictment of the state of our schools, the Founders, after all, were all reciting Greek and Roman texts by memory in their early teens).

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