Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun: More Government A-holes Run Amok!!

I don't know if this story is just another garden variety "government a-holes run amok" story or whether it is something slightly different and, well, slightly delicious. Since firefighters are big big union folks who programatically support big government liberals who institute bigger government that increasingly intrudes on people's lives and liberties, you could title this story "Big government liberalism, pushed and pushed by unionized public employees, bites unionized public employees in the ass." Although not being able to have a chili cook-off is a small price to pay for $1 million+ retirement and healthcare benefits and loophole-laden system that allows double dipping at public expense. I guess I don't blame them for making that kind of a trade. Still, the audacity of wanting to rape the taxpaying public and expecting their chili cook-offs!!


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