Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two Blunders With a Common Thread

Our "true intellectual" President, our steady, rational executive, our Lightworker has let his cabinet ministers plunge his administration too deep into a morass yet again. After tripling down on the destructive drilling moratorium which has cost several thousand jobs and will send gas prices much higher in the coming months, the smartest President ever has allowed Janet Napolitano to unleash a furious publish backlash against a government taking its role to extremes of adsurdity. Both examples show one, glaring flaw in decision-making that ought to, again, expose the lie that these people are smart (in fact the mistake is so elementary as to militate for the opposite conclusion, they these people are irretrievably stupid): inviting enormous costs for negligible gains. The drilling moratorium, as I have outlined, was a terrible trade, sacrificing thousands of jobs, economic activity, and putting gas prices on an upward path for almost zero gain in safety. Now Big Sis Napolitano is enraging the populace and discouraging air travel for what has to be almost a zero gain in security. Furthermore, in the midst of this fundamentally bad trade, of course, our government just wouldn't be our government without lacing the story with a thread of the mendacious or tragicomic. In the case of the drilling moratorium, the White House doctored a report to suppress the scientific conclusion that a moratorium was imprudent and unjustified. In the TSA case, our government defiantly stands by its ridiculous policy towards nearly all of us and yet can't bring itself to say that it emphatically won't give Muslim women wearing an hijab a pass. Compounding a fundamentally bad decision with a dose of the farcical - your government at work.


Blogger Richard said...

The Obama government that sends out its goons to scan, frisk, and grope its own citizens in the name of "security" is the very same government that adamently refuses to even try and control the country's borders, while hypocritically suing Arizona Sheriff Joe Araio for allegedly unconstitutional searches. What a country!

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