Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best Snark of the Day

"Smart Diplomacy Meets Fake Taliban" OK, when will liberals just dump the arrogance and the pretense that they are smarter than us all?

Also, I might note that it is especially depressing to note that just as the Korean peninsula hots up with artillery fire our diplomatic efforts on a major foreign policy front are revealed to be not just amateurish but laughable...downright and undeniably laughable. (Not inconsistent with their approach to Israel and the Palestinians. Or their debut foreign policy crisis handling in Honduras. Or Iran. Or Poland/Russia.)

Please note for future reference that I have laid down two analytical themes recently: 1) Presidents whose domestic agenda is dead or stalled turn to foreign policy, 2) the world for the next few years at least will look a mess due to calculations and plans laid in the last few, so trouble is baked in the cake. Conclusion, foreign policy is Obama's final opportunity to pass the "job interview" for re-election having failed the first - the economy. So despite what Ray Fair has to say, Obama faces an uphill struggle, his inherent inexperience and instincts to grab the wrong levers will handicap his performance in this aspect of the job interview. With a poor record on economic policy and foreign policy, Obama stands very little chance of re-election.


Blogger Richard said...

Is there really any reason to believe that liberals are any more competent at foreiign policy/national security than they are at economic policy issues? Or homeland security? Of course not!

The difference between talkin' the talk and walkin' the walk has never been more starkly demonstrated.

11:59 AM  

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