Friday, November 21, 2014

Will the New, More Fuel-Efficient F-150 Win Kudos from the Climatistas? Nope.

So, Ford has replaced steel in its best-selling F-150 pickup truck with aluminum to make it 700 lbs. lighter and thus more fuel efficient (up to 29% percent more efficient depending).  This is precisely the type of change that "sustainability" types say that corporate America should be making.  Will Ford get any credit for this?  Will the climate warriors tip their hats to the folks from Dearborn?

Nope.  Climatistas hate trucks, hate people who drive trucks, and always will.  Ford could make the F-150 out of hemp and pixie dust and it will always be hated.

Still, new F-150 owners can drive that much more on tank of gas.  More money in their pocket.  Good for them and good for Ford.


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