Friday, November 07, 2014

Attorney General Who?

Long-time readers have heard me discuss the Obama administration as a collection of B-Teamers at best, more likely C and D-Teamers.  After the 2010 mid-term elections I mused about who would be attracted to work in a presidential administration on the downslope.  Naturally, the Lightworker's reelection gave a brief jolt to the attraction of working in the administration, which was ever so brief as Lightworking 2.0 got mired in scandal almost immediately thereafter.

Now, he's looking for an Attorney General in the wake of Shellacking 2.0 and news reports are leaking that it is likely to be this lady

Hard to say what to make of this.  I've lived in and around New York City all of my life, I come from a family of lawyers, and I follow local politics obsessively...and I've NEVER heard of this woman.  That doesn't mean she's bad or unaccomplished, but if you marry her obscurity with Obama's poor record of choosing personnel and Eric Holder's chief role as a protector of the administration from numerous probes of wrongdoing, there is no alternative but to have pause over this appointment.  To go from such a position to the highest law enforcement office in the land is a quantum leap only to be dreamed of.  And it's a two year stint at best.  This has the hallmarks of handing out a gift so as to ensure loyalty.

Of course, this could be all wrong and an egregious slander against this admirable and fantastic servant, and I hope it turns out to be...but I don't think so.


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