Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4th Quarter and Team Obama Is a Bunch of Scrubs

I have blogged at length about one of Obama's core problems - he's only got B-Teamers (at best, really many of these people are C-Teamers or worse) surrounding him, doing the actual job of governing. 
 One of the structural flaws that he had coming in to his Presidency was a shallow political base. As a newby, he didn't have the deep networks and connections to draw the top talent to his side; he only had the ability to draw party loyalists who do what they do for the party, not for him. As he proves damaging to the party, these folks will not sign up to resurrect the great Obama experiment, which is a major problem for him. He is going to need top class talent to resurrect his presidency. Where is he going to find these people? Where are the All-stars going to come from? Answer: He's not gonna get them. Is he really going to turn things around dramatically in 20 months with a bunch of B-teamers? Doubtful.
Take this for example, this woman is a sure-fire D-Teamer.  Obama's biggest weakness is the economy and yet he can't find anybody who can come within miles of qualified to be Commerce Secretary while Bryson recuperates?


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