Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hooray for Obama's Phony Climate Pact With the Chi-Coms!

If you're are global warming climate change crusader, don't get too excited about the "pact" that China and the Lightworker have announced to great media fanfare.  It's a Potemkin affair.

There is no way that the USA will cut emissions (unless of course a cut means what it means in government budgeting - a slightly smaller increase than what was previously contemplated or planned). 

And China will never abide by any agreement that impedes their continued aggressive economic development.  China's strategy is very clear.  They can afford to give Obama a phony agreement for him to crow about and take back home to his demoralized base.

But if it makes all the climate warriors happy, so be it.

UPDATE:  If you needed definitive proof of the above...'nuff said.


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