Thursday, September 04, 2014

Still...Obama Down, Stocks Up

Hey folks, just a reminder that I have posited the theory that the stock market moves inversely to Obama's approval rating.  I provided you the data way back when.  I'm a tad too busy now to update the data, but when I see this and this, I am confident that my posited relationship still holds up quite well.

Oh, and another trip down memory lane, once again proving that I am usually early but generally right in time...
While I predicted that Obama would meltdown almost on the day that he took office, we sit on the cusp of his re-election battle and he has stubbornly hung on to stay in contention, at least superficially.  So I am making another prediction, actually more of an update, I guess, to my original meltdown trajectory.  So here goes.  The Obama presidency/campaign/phenomenon will shortly implode.  Yes, "implode", as in spectacularly fail and wind up in ruins.
I said that in the context of the 2012 election and, obviously, got that wrong, but I got the implosion right.  I'm pretty sure that what we are seeing now is the official implosion of Obamaism in America.  And click on that link, how about that '09 prediction!


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