Thursday, September 04, 2014

New York Misses the Shale Revolution, Part 14

I have long noted here how New York state government dodo-heads are missing a once in a lifetime economic development opportunity is keeping shale gas development at bay.  Whether NY allows drilling or not (and I believe it will someday), the race is on now to win the establishment of local offices, depots and other industry jobs.  Drill crews travel to the drill site from a home base.  Right now, Pennsylvania is winning the race for those jobs and someday that race will be finished.

Just to show you how badly New York is messing this up, oil giant and blue-chip employer Royal Dutch Shell just discovered massive gas fields in Tioga Couty, PA, right on border with New York.  Most states would love to have an employer like Shell come to their state, but NY isn't even in the running.


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