Thursday, September 04, 2014

Global Warming Still Dead

In the past I have chronicled - with glee - the embarrassing failures that UN-sponsored climate conferences have turned out to be, for example here.  I've boiled this up, along with other analytical elements, into the conclusion that global warming climate change, as a policy movement, is dead.

So, here is the latest.
Things aren’t looking very good for the United Nations’ upcoming climate summit this month. Not only are major world leaders opting not to attend the conference, but only a handful of countries have formally backed an extension to the world’s only legally binding climate agreement.
In December 2012, 144 countries agreed to extend the expiring Kyoto Protocol after climate negotiations broke down and no one could hash out an agreement to replace the 1990s climate treaty. The 144 countries backing the extension were parties to the original treaty.


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