Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Obama Bulls-Eyes WRM's "Sour Spot"

Walter Russell Mead  has numerous times highlighted Obama's ability to hit what he terms the "sour spot", an attempt to negotiate a trade-off that results in achieving neither aim and/or pleasing no one.  Lightworker has certainly achieved the Sour Spot here.  He is unlikely to get his goal of cooperation from the Taliban, he has bolstered the view that he is soft on terrorism (that's on a good day, some would say he is indifferent, even supportive), he stands side-by-side with the Bergdahls, who many Americans will see as creepy and/or weird hippies, and he's further angered the military by taking such bold steps in support of a deserter.

This is one of Dear Leader's more amazingly unfathomably boneheaded moves.  But hard-core lefties think much differently than most Americans.  I'm sure to the Obama crowd this all makes perfect sense.


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