Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Laugh. Cry. Whatever

On the front page of today's WSJ print edition, these two items are literally adjacent to each other in the What's News section.

Jihadist Groups' Threat To U.S. Grows, Report SaysA8
The threat to the U.S. from global jihadist groups has escalated in the past three years, with the number of groups increasing by more than 50% and the estimated number of militants doubling, according to a report to be released on Thursday.
 Justice Department Relaunches Domestic Terror Task ForceA3
Attorney General Eric Holder said he would reconstitute a long-defunct task force on domestic terrorism to try to expand efforts to stop violent attacks inside the U.S.
Yup.  The Islamic terrorist threat is regaining strength and the Obama administration is stepping up the hunt for American white guys who don't like the government.


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