Friday, May 02, 2014

Why Is America In Decline? Tommy Vietors in High Places.

From the early days of the Lightworker presidency I predicted not-good things based on a fundamental flaw in the personage of said Worker of Light.
Finally, and this is not a blunder but rather a fundamental flaw, Obama's legislative support is only as good as his public sheen. The reason he had to stack his administration with Clintonites is that he had no decent network to speak of. His limited experience in government, and life actually, has left him lacking in broad and deep connections to people who can achieve things and stand by him.
I've chronicled the parade of B Teamers and C Teamers that have, by necessity, populated the ranks of the Obama administration. This phenomenon runs from the highest cabinet posts held by the likes of John Kerry and Kathleen Sebelius to low level jokers like Jen "Hashtag" Psaki and, now Tommy "Dude" Vietor.

With doofi like these in important government posts is it any wonder we are a nation in decline?


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