Wednesday, May 01, 2013

How Does Obama Have Any Juice With This Team of Scrubs?

Well, many, including some of the die-hard believers in Hopeandchange and God-like Lightworking, are starting to wax skeptical of their saviour's abilities.  There are alot of reasons but the consensus seems to be coming down on the side of lack of administrative/managerial skill.  Fancy that from a guy who never had a real job.  Anyway it sounds alot like the accusation  - made in certain quarters - about only being able to attract B-Team level talent or worse.  It was never going to be good due to Obama's lack of deep and broad networks, but when the Clintonites abandoned him, we fell into C-Team territory. I applied this analytical framework to whether Obama could pull off re-election and was wrong.  Perhaps though this same framework is best used in analyzing whether Obama can actually do anything in his second term.

I'm guessing with the likes of Kerry, Hagel, and Lew and leftovers such as Napolitano and Sebelius, the team is too Scrublike to give him much juice.


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