Tuesday, April 23, 2013

America Is Stuck On Stupid

This could be an enormously long post, but I will try to keep it brief.

Let's face it, America is stuck on stupid.

I've laid out so many nuggets on this blog and so many other blogs have the widely dispersed evidence.  For instance, just go to Instapundit and search the term "the very best of hands."  But it is more than the idiocy of our leaders, it is that combined with inertia and an unresponsive politics.  For some reason we can't get things done we can't change things.  Although I am indisputably conservative/libertarianish, I think that a liberal/progressive would share such a feeling, witness the frustration/outrage over the failure to enact any sort of gun control legislation at the federal level (although lefties have gotten several big wins on the state level).  But gun control is not an issue they I would hold up as an example of "stuck on stupid."

Stuck on stupid means we are plumbing the depths of idiocy and irrationality that, if allowed to continue, will be our destruction.  We won't self-destruct if we don't close the "gun show loophole."  We will self destruct if we run trillion dollar deficits by giving the wealthiest cohort of individuals to ever walk the Earth free artificial joints and unneeded retirement income, which is what Medicare and Social Security amount to.

I'm talking first principles.  Why do we do things?  At the basic level.  Why?

Why do we spend billions  of dollars on the least efficient form of energy and prejudice the most efficient form of energy all for a speculative theory, especially when the more efficient energy that actually serves our purpose based on that phony theory?  Stuck on stupid.

Victor Davis Hanson has some bracing clarity along these lines today based on our most recent national tragedy.
Is America so short of manpower that we need a Tamerlan Tsarnaev, his brother, his mother, or his father in the United States?
Seriously.  Why were the Tsarnaevs even here?  Compassion, right?  They were refugees.  Really?  Refugees from something so terrible that...they went back to visit.
Why give asylum to folk such as the Tsarnaevs if many of these endangered “refugees” eventually return to live in, or to visit, the supposedly hostile place that was the basis for their origin claims on our asylum?
And we subsidize their radicalization.

Sure we have an honorable tradition of accepting immigrants.  But everybody?  What skills did the Tsarnaevs have that we need?  Do we not even ask who we want or what we need here anymore?  It looks like we have, in the Tsarnaevs and no doubt many like them, some folks with not alot to offer, who aren't really refugees, who live off of taxpayer money, and wind up inflicting mayhem upon our society like we rarely ever see.  Like I said, stuck on stupid.

Petty, infantile insults to our greatest allies.  Naive and hopeless overtures to sworn enemies.  Stuck on stupid.

NASA outreach to Muslims.  Air traffic furloughs while the FAA spends $400 million on women's issues.  Stuck on stupid.

One eighth of the country on food stamps.  Stuck on stupid.

Getting back into the business of socially engineering the housing lending market.  Calling terrorism by the Orwellian term "man-made disasters."  Stuck on stupid.

2000 page laws that no lawmaker reads but that votes for anyway.  Stuck on stupid.

Mad?  Don't worry, we won't be stuck on stupid for too much longer.  We don't have the time and we don't have the money.  Common sense is coming back, no matter what we do.  It's coming back.  It has to, despite our most fervent wishes.

We won't be stuck on stupid for too much longer.


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