Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keystone XL Really Is Dead

Awhile ago, I reluctantly, and sadly, determined that Obama would kill off the Keystone pipeline.  It has always been a no-brainer and conventional wisdom has long thought that Dear Leader would approve the project just as soon as he was re-elected.  Not so.  The hard left environmentalist base is one of the few major constituency blocks that Obama still has sway over lock, stock and barrel.  Screwing them would be one of the most counter productive things he can do towards his number one strategic focus in his second term - winning back the House and passing any and all progressive wetdreams he can.

Seems that sad prediction is playing out.  Keystone XL will not be built while Lightworker occupies the White House.  Sorry Canada, this is what happens when your great neighbor to the south goes flakey.


Blogger Heather said...

In fact, from Canada's point of view, the oil can be sold to China. Looking at the stupidity of the US, the more Canada looks to other outlets, the better. Harper and Co. are quite aware of America's fragility. And we don't like American enviro 'charities' messing with our internal politics.

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