Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wait, I Thought the Government Was "Us"

Wait a second President Obama, I thought the "government is us"...?

If we can and should do what we want (which is an incredibly dangerous Constitutional theory, but that is a different story) based on polling, shouldn't we give the same respect to the people's representatives actually voting?  Aren't they us?  Aren't Senators a reflection of us, too?  Isn't a vote in the know..."us"?

Of course not, when it is a poll or a talking point, it is unequivocally "us", when it is elected Senators voting, it is the lying gun lobby.

UPDATE:  Few Americans see gun control and immigration as top priorities.  No one ever said they are Americans' priorities.  They are Obama's priorities.  He's the President and you're not.  Ergo, Shut Up.

UPPDATE:  WTF, Harry Reid voted against the gun control bill......???????  Is he part of the shameful display in Washington today?  Is the Senate Majority Leader part of the "gun lobby"?  Is he part of the anti-common sense, dead-children-forgetting minority?

UPPPDATE:  I just watched the Lightworker's press conference, and I must say, as one who loathes Obama with all my being, "WOW."  I thought Dear Leader was fantastic.  I have seen through his bullshit for going on five years now and every word he has ever said has dripped with phoniness.  But today was different.  Even though he was wrong on policy and contemptuous of the democratic process, he was passionate.  He is never so passionate as when he suffers a defeat.  He is never so passionate as when the peons rise up to rebuke his benighted view.  He is never so passionate as when he is questioned.  It was a majestic performance.  Yet it was a performance that reminded me of why I loathe the guy - the pomposity, the imperiousness, a scolding self-righteousness, and above all a lack of humility and grace.  It was beautifully contemptuous.


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