Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crude Oil Train Derails, Spills Oil All Over Sen. Hagan's Re-election Campaign

Another train carrying crude oil has derailed and blown up.

No need to rehash this, shipping oil by rail is substantially more dangerous than via pipeline.  Of course, the greens don't want oil shipped at all, they don't want it removed from the ground in the first place.  Unfortunately for them, their dreams are not going to happen, the way we live today requires oil.  Once we realize that, we then have to make the decision to transport oil in the safest and most responsible way.  For political reasons, we have chosen not to do that.

BTW, that train blew up in Lynchburg, VA, which isn't too far from North Carolina, where Senator Kay Hagan is fighting for her political life, trying to convince voters there that she isn't a tool of  the Obama agenda.  This could make her campaign alot more difficult.


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