Monday, February 25, 2013

Kerry, Hagel, and Lew: Trifecta of Fools

I have always said that the Obama administration was - mercifully for us - fundamentally flawed because it was staffed with B and C team talent.  It was always thus.  Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Tim Geithner, Sebelius, Napolitano, Salazar.  All mediocrities at best.  But Obama's second term has put the issue of cabinet appointments into high relief.  The trifecta of Kerry, Hagel and Lew establishes the inescapable dichotomy that Obama is either sinister or stupid.  These men are disastrous, godawful nincompoops.  Utter incompetents and/or Trojan Horses of Dysfunction of the highest order.  So either Obama doesn't see it, which is conceivable given his lack of managerial experience coming into office.  Bad managers choose bad subordinates.  So that is one possibility.  The other is that Obama sees it and doesn't care, in which case he has larded the three most important cabinet posts with fools in order to see those functions fail or to have a shadow power behind their functions, in which case he has raised his middle finger to the citizenry of the nation.


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