Thursday, March 08, 2012

This Just In: MSM Has Very Hard Job To Do Rejuvenating Obama

More proof that while the economy may be improving on the margin or ever-so-slightly, it still feels crappy, because, well, it is still is pretty crappy for a huge chunk of people. Of course the MSM is going to try to make Obama out to be an economic miracle worker for whatever meager uplift there is between now and November, but the Gallup data shows what thin gruel this is. Good luck with that MSM, especially as you defend charges that you were complicit in hiding who Barack Obama was to the American public in 2008 (thank you Andrew Breitbart). Will this play: "Um yeah, we lied to you in 2008, but trust us, the economy is ROCKING and it is all because of Obama!" ??? Doubtful.


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