Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama Sends Coded Message

Liberals are always accusing conservatives of "speaking in code". For example, when conservatives say, 'you must show some form of ID to vote' it really means, 'we don't want Hispanics and blacks voting,' and when we say 'let's not spend more money than we take in' it means 'let's dump all the poor people out onto the street to starve and die'. All very curious, but that is not the point of this post, the point is to show that liberals speak in code too. Here is but the latest example. Obviously, Sarah Palin isn't running for any office, but she is a living breathing symbol to liberals that "Republicans are scary." Why that is is another subject altogether (hint: she is a normal, basic, sensible person; she is not an elite who can be trusted to run things, because the elites must run things...), but the important point is that the words "Sarah Palin" and/or her image invokes a Pavlovian reaction running from distaste to disgust among lefties. It is code, their code.

Final irony: apparently the Obama re-election campaign has adopted a putative Republican "war on women" as one of its main tactical themes, and yet they are demonizing a woman in another tactical maneuver. Liberals are nothing if not consistently inconsistent.

UPDATE: On that note of consistently inconsistent, check this out. Laugh first, cry later.


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