Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Prostrate the National Government"

Take a grain of salt with this one, but only a teeny tiny one given what we know about Obama...they, meaning the Obama policy machine, has no plan to prevent financial collapse, but they have a plan for what to do when it happens. Hmmmm.

In any other context this would seem outlandish. There is a solid case to be made that Obama hates America, as most Americans know it, and would like to see it remade. Furthermore, we know that Obama's spending and budget deficits are unprecedented in American history and previously inconceivable (in his first term, Obama will have added @$6.1 trillion to the $10.6 trillion he inherited). Incremental change is nice but radical change in the wake of a crisis is much quicker and more powerful.

This is a plan for tyranny. Alexander Hamilton spelled out the precise recipe centuries ago. I would classify a Greek-style, financial solvency collapse as prostrating the government. I have several neighbors and friends who immigrated from Soviet Russia or other Iron Curtain countries and they routinely point out that we are in the beginning stages of the formation of tyranny here in the US. It comes slow, but when you've seen it before, as these folks have, you see the signs quite clearly.

Oddly, as a student of history, I don't think that an authoritarian government could stand on a national scale here. It could certainly be tried, but the result would likely be a fracturing of the country into different nations. For instance, in the event of a collapse of the federal government and a rising authoritarian regime in Washington D.C., I could see, say, Texas, asserting that it is going to just keep on keeping on all by itself until further notice. Without a functional government and an army to invade, Texas could very much do what they want to do. I'm not sure how a bankrupt federal government could impose its will. And having go it alone, Texas might get a few phone calls, saying, "Hey, can we join you?"

UPDATE: BTW, I'm sure you did the math already, but just in case it slipped your notice...if we re-elect Obama and he continues to spend at the same pace (and why would you presume otherwise), he'll have racked up $12 trillion in new debt over his eight years. I repeat, he will have inherited $10.6 trillion from all of his predecessors since the founding of America and he will have more than doubled it with another $12 trillion. If that comes to pass, it's our own damn fault and we deserve every bit of financial misery and economic ruin that comes our way...every damn bit.


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