Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama Administration: Gingrich Lying to Say Gas Prices Could Be Back at Levels Last Seen in Obama's First Year in Office

So the White House suggested that Newt Gingrich is lying by claiming to have a plan to get gas back to $2.50/gallon. Forget about the substance of Gingrich's claim for a second, should the White House be allowed to get away with dismissing the claim as a lie? Is $2.50 gas a distant memory, a relic of a world we will never see again? Hardly. Gas was last at $2.50/gallon in July of 2009 (you can download the data here, go to tab "Data 3", cell B986.) So, according to the Obama administration, we cannot return to a situation that prevailed less than three years ago? Why? They should say why because their dismissal doesn't pass the smell test. It all reeks of more arrogance from the administration and more reliance on a complicit media to give Obama a pass to me.


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