Thursday, March 15, 2012

Attention Larry Kudlow: Get With the Program

Attention Larry Kudlow. In this chat session, you failed to give Leisman the proper answer when he stated that Republicans now have a "tough sell" convincing the voters that they are the better choice on the economy. Read this post my friend. Here's the key takeaway:
Finally, and most importantly, there is the little matter of what happened in November 2010. Republicans can make a plausible case that to whatever extent the economy is doing better, it is because Americans rose up on November 3, 2010 and effectively stopped the Obama agenda dead in its tracks, at least legislatively. Remember what we were staring down the barrel of during the first two years of the Obama administration: 1) ObamaCare, 2) Card Check 3) Cap & Trade. This represented a triple-barrel threat to the economy. We got ObamaCare (and businesses are nearly universally saying that it is a job-killer) but we avoided Card Check and Cap & Trade legislation by virtue of electing a bunch of Republicans to the Congress.

Avoiding the devastation of those two last pillars of the original Obama agenda caused a huge sigh of relief in the business world and the economy surely benefited knowing these ideas were dead in the water. Republicans can and will make this very plausible argument.
Learn it, know it, live it Sir Lawrence of the Mustard Seed.


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