Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is a Major Cameron Snub...er...Fermenting?

Why won't the White House release the wine list for the upcoming state dinner?

Is Obama ashamed of the American wine industry?

Are the pairings with the beef whatever a state secret?

Are they sensitive in this time of economic difficulty? (wait...why should they be? I thought Obama was an economic miracle worker and good times are rolling, baby, which is why we need to re-elect him...?!?!?!?)

None of the above.

We know Obama hates the British and he is preparing to snub PM David Cameron by serving him absolute plonk. It will be the vinous equivalent of returning the Churchill bust or giving the Queen an iPod full of Obama's speeches. Brace for it folks, a mini-diplomatic kerfuffle impends - Obama is going to make Cameron drink shit wine. Most Americans won't know or care what wines get served, but the wine geeks will know, and will understand the message embedded in the wine selections in an instant. Word will go out that the message from the Lightworker to Cameron is "Enjoy your North Carolina Merlot and your Idaho Chardonnay you white, imperialistic, Tory f**k." The right wing blogosphere will go nuts with breathless headlines of "Smart Diplomacy" in re the international incident. Better to just keep it under wraps.


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