Sunday, February 05, 2012


Well, I feel a little ashamed of not blogging more about this Giants team...the G-men are after all a part of the title of this blog. One thing was our talisman going down in flames. The second was I was just damned busy. But I always love my beloved G-men and this season was completely reminiscent of 2007, not just from defeating the Tom Brady-led Pats, but from the contribution of nobodies on top of the stalwart performance of stars. It is, as I always maintain, a function of what the Giants organization is all about - the Mara philosophy.

There is so much to say - Victor Cruz, Chase Blackburn (check out where he was at the start of the season), Jaquian Williams, Mark Herzlich, JPP, and Eli shutting up all the Monday Morning Numbnuts (many of my friends will recall numerous late night drunken rants defending Eli to an almost embarrassing degree) - but it is late and I must suck up all the glory and watch Boomer and TJ recap the game.

All I will say, is it was fate...too reminiscent of the miracle team of 2007 and and and AND twenty-five years after this. And let's not forget that the season started off looking grim with the fans losing two emotional favorites in Kevin Boss and Steve Smith and Brandon Jacobs and a few others mouthing off and playing the malcontents. But Jerry Reese is looking like a genius right now.

PS, I counted two awesome 1980s post-punk tunes in commercials - She Sells Sanctuary and Killing Moon (can you name the bands)...dude, we're getting old.

I don't know what I love more, a great Boomer "GGGGGGGG-Meeeeeennnnnnnnn" or a "New York Football Giants"??? Shit, I love 'em both.

Finally, I never watch my beloved Big Blue without thinking about the greatest Giant fan of all time, the man who took me to every game for 15 years during the lean years - when they went 2-14, delivered such wonderful moments as the Herman Edwards thing, and when Joe Pisarcik was, well, Joe Pisarcik.

Congratulations to the Mara family, the Tisch family and the whole New York Giants organization. Congratulations indeed.


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