Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So All This "Draft Hillary" Stuff Isn't Analogous?

Apparently a third of Republicans want another candidate to jump in the race. Big deal! The obvious point is that two thirds are satisfied with the choices they have, but more importantly, I bet the number is much higher for Democrats. Haven't we been hearing non-stop for awhile now that Hillary ought to step into the race? It seems like every other week we read of a major Democratic poo-bah or pundit calling for Hillary (or even Bill). Democrats are putting on a good face about all this, they know Obama has damaged the party for years and they know the White House is at risk along with the Senate, but he's their best shot to retain the at least one branch of government. You'd be lucky to get two out of three Democrats saying they want no one other than Obama to compete for their nomination. In fact, I bet you the comparable number for Democrats is over 50%, only very few true believers of Hopenchange are left.


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