Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Marxists At Prayer? IHMO, Yes.

On the occasion of receiving an email from the Bishop of the New York Diocese of the Episcopal Church that discussed in glowing, laudatory terms the Occupy Wall Street movement, I undertook to fisk (cursorily, I might add, as I was too irked to take it further - and sorry about the color scheme!) the inanity of Rev. Mark Sisk's paean to the microwave-ready Marxists of OWS. Well, it seems that taking the Episcopal Church to task for its "mediocre political correctness" is catching.

At my (now former?) church we pray every week for "Barack, our President". We never once prayed for "George, our President" and I don't have any hopes that we'll pray for "Mitt, our President" should that be a possibility and should I even be there to see it.

Note: I was born and raised a Roman Catholic with ten years of Catholic schooling under my belt - I attend the Episcopal Church as a part of the compromises and accommodations that one makes in the course of having a successful marriage. My hero is this guy.


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